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Deep purple Amethyst Mini Skull super funny

Deep purple Amethyst Mini Skull super funny

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This little guy is a decidedly amusing companion. Because he carries his druse on the left side of his skull, he will wonderfully support you to get out of your thinking spiral and to free yourself from rigid "processes" and belief patterns. He opens your mind and lets you become "Wide".

It is hand carved from Brazil.

Size and weight
7,5cm x 5,5 cm and 262g

I’am.. Amethyst…. and this is my message..
„I bring you very deep relaxation.
I am said to be a master at helping you let go.
I also help you masterfully in directing your intentions so that it is to your highest good.
When I am at your side, I free you from foreign influences and energies that do not serve you.
In your meditations, I act as a key to the other world and bring you deep into your center.
With me it will be exciting and relaxing at the same time.
I let you fly high and bring you back just as well.
I feel most comfortable in your immediate environment and when you invite me to you every day.
Meditating together with me would be a nice task for me."

Mineral: Amethyst
Properties: Relaxing, Protecting against foreign energies, Clarity, Ordering, Promoting intuition
Element: Water
Chakra: third eye chakra and crown chakra
Supportive for the body: relaxes, relieves headaches, helps to promote a restful and peaceful sleep, helps with skin irritations


Why a Skull:
If you feel a connection to a skull, even if it feels spucky at first or you're surprised... you've found each other! Fireworks please!
Through the connection to a skull you will be able to gain deep wisdom and ancient knowledge.
They are powerful and very patient teachers.
You should also integrate it into your life.
You can ask him questions, talk to him about your life and work magic with him as an example.
He can and should be assigned a special mission. Which one? That is entirely up to you and your intuition.
He will answer you! Maybe subtly in your dreams, maybe you see pictures, you feel it or you can hear him. It is entirely up to you and how you communicate.
If you have a deep connection with a skull, you have a friend for life. 

Decoration is not part of the offer.


important Information

  • Before the stones go on the journey to your home, they are energetically cleansed and charged by me with incense and a huge clear quartz singing bowl.
  • Our beautiful crystals are ethically sourced and perfect for those who appreciate Mother Nature. Crystals are living beings and each has its task. When you feel called to bring him home, you will know.
  • The descriptions of the properties of our stones are empirical values and are based on personal experience. They can also been found in the usual reference books.
  • Our offers do not replace the doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner.
  • They can only contribute to and positively support recovery and well-being.
  • Please note this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.
  • Be sure to check measurements and view all photos before purchasing.
    If you have any questions, please send us a message before purchasing.
  • By purchasing from Witchy Rocks you agree to comply with and accept all of our shop policies.
  • Crystal will be shipped with protective padding.
  • Do not let your children near them.
  • It does not replace any doctor, psychotherapist or other specialist you may need.
  • It is your responsibility what you do.
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