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Dragon Head - Rose Quarz - Love protection and Wisdom - Sea dragon!

Dragon Head - Rose Quarz - Love protection and Wisdom - Sea dragon!

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Rose Quarz Dragon Head - IAM A SEA DRAGON!
I am a sea dragon. With me you can dive deep into your emotional world and explore it.
I teach you what it means to be able to be ONE with everything. That everything you see in others, is also in YOU and that we are connected with everything in love.
Do you want to go deep? Do you feel my call? Then follow it, and I will follow you to the depths of your heart. If you have a question... Love is always the answer. I will teach you.

Size: 12,5cm
weight: 526g

I’am.. Rose Quarz…. and this is my message..
"I bring you unconditional love in its purest form.
If you invite me into your life, know that in my presence it will be easy for you to look at life and everything in it with the eyes of love.
I will reveal to you the beauty of loving and empower you to walk your path of love with ease.
Gratitude is a facet of love. It is the freest and most unconditional form. Integrating it into your life will give you wings. I am a master in this.
Relationship love is often a challenge that is unparalleled. I want to teach you to let love free.
The happiness you are looking for in your relationship can only be experienced in you and through you.
I want to teach you to become a master in taking love in all its form and beauty as it is.
This is my destiny.
I feel most comfortable in body proximity or integrated into your living space. Placed at the bedside, I provide a calm and loving atmosphere.”

Mineral: Rose Quartz
Properties: Gentle, heart-opening, revealing, purifying, helps to see life with the eyes of love, protects from negative influence and radiation, has a balancing effect
Element: Water
Chakra: All, especially root chakra to get pregnant and heart chakra for grief
Supportive for the body: Helps with depression and all issues related to the heart. Helps with fertility problems and has a hormonal balancing effect.


Why a dragonhead:

When you get a dragonhead in your house, you can be sure that you have the most wonderful protector and guardian by your side.
All dragons have different missions.
If you are attracted to each other, he will bring you deep healing and be consistently by your side.
A Dragon is a very special friend because he will work tirelessly on your protection and well-being.
He also gives you deep insights and can be a key and guardian to the other world.
Since he is pure fire, he will support you in your courage and drive.
You will be connected to the world of nature beings and elements and can feel deeper into yourself through him.
When you get a dragon head for your home, he is definitely not just a pretty accessory.... he will stand by your side. In return, all he needs is your love and attention.


important Information

  • Before the stones go on the journey to your home, they are energetically cleansed and charged by me with incense and a huge clear quartz singing bowl.
  • Our beautiful crystals are ethically sourced and perfect for those who appreciate Mother Nature. Crystals are living beings and each has its task. When you feel called to bring him home, you will know.
  • The descriptions of the properties of our stones are empirical values and are based on personal experience. They can also been found in the usual reference books.
  • Our offers do not replace the doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner.
  • They can only contribute to and positively support recovery and well-being.
  • Please note this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.
  • Be sure to check measurements and view all photos before purchasing.
    If you have any questions, please send us a message before purchasing.
  • By purchasing from Witchy Rocks you agree to comply with and accept all of our shop policies.
  • Crystal will be shipped with protective padding.
  • Do not let your children near them.
  • It does not replace any doctor, psychotherapist or other specialist you may need.
  • It is your responsibility what you do.
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