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incredible purple chalcedony Moon on stand - Archangel Haniel

incredible purple chalcedony Moon on stand - Archangel Haniel

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It has a very warm and balancing energy. In its presence you come to rest and can let your creative energy flow.
The special thing about a moon carving is that it is able to connect you with the moon energy. - its so simple..
The archetypal feminine part of you. The sight of it is enough to bring your subconscious into this vibration.
I also associate Archangel Haniel with this very special carving.
So invite this special design into your home and connect with the moon and enjoy the presence of Archangel Haniel, if this is your intention.
They come from Indonesia and are handmade there in a small manufactory under the best energetic conditions.
They come from Indonesia and are handmade there in a small manufactory under the best energetic conditions.

Size and weight
12cm without Stand and 19 cm with stand

I am Purple Chalcedony… and this is my message…
"To all artists and creative people I am a true muse!
If you invite me into your life, we can create true miracles.
Polished as a sphere, I envelop your studio in my magic.
If you take me in your hand and talk to me, I will support you to get into your sacred flow.
But that is not all I can do for you!
If you are a healer or life coach, I will gently kiss your third eye and open your crown chakra to connect with your higher self and send your ego to the beach!
This way you will be able to look deeper and deeper and give transformation to your protégés in a clear and profound way.
If you need me for yourself personally, I give you deep relaxation and support you in all processes that need a solution.
There is clarity for everything and to find it is my gift and my purpose.
My favorite place is in the center of your attention! If you put me on your desk or in a place where you have me in view, we will form a deep connection..

Mineral: Calcedony in combination with iron and other materials.
Properties: Balancing, purifying, enhancing creativity and clairvoyance, helps to come into the "process" and let go of the ego, Protective.
Element: Water
Chakra: heart, third eye and crown chakra with a lot of brown part also root and solar plexus
Supportive for the body: it can balance all blockages, relieves stress and anxiety

In the offer there are included:
Purple Chalcedony Moon and the metal stand

Decoration is not part of the offer.


important Information

  • Before the stones go on the journey to your home, they are energetically cleansed and charged by me with incense and a huge clear quartz singing bowl.
  • Our beautiful crystals are ethically sourced and perfect for those who appreciate Mother Nature. Crystals are living beings and each has its task. When you feel called to bring him home, you will know.
  • The descriptions of the properties of our stones are empirical values and are based on personal experience. They can also been found in the usual reference books.
  • Our offers do not replace the doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner.
  • They can only contribute to and positively support recovery and well-being.
  • Please note this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.
  • Be sure to check measurements and view all photos before purchasing.
    If you have any questions, please send us a message before purchasing.
  • By purchasing from Witchy Rocks you agree to comply with and accept all of our shop policies.
  • Crystal will be shipped with protective padding.
  • Do not let your children near them.
  • It does not replace any doctor, psychotherapist or other specialist you may need.
  • It is your responsibility what you do.
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