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Sphalerite in Quarz Dragon Head Couple - PROTECTION and Manifestation - Yin/Yang

Sphalerite in Quarz Dragon Head Couple - PROTECTION and Manifestation - Yin/Yang

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Sphalerite in Quarz Dragon Head Couple from Indonesia
You are looking for protection and security?
We have come to hold and carry you with all we can give.
As a couple, the proverbial Yin and Yang, we will introduce you to the Cosmic Laws and teach you. As give so take, as within so without, as above so below, and many more opposing polarities that yet attract and would not exist without each other.
So we are also an excellent companion for your manifestations.
Because... what you think and feel will be reflected in your life. "As in the inside... so also in the OUTSIDE!" (And then still as Sphalerite... I can hardly believe it!!).
Furthermore, we will wrap you in our powerful circle of protection and all who are dear to you when you assign us this task. We are looking forward to you.
Special feature:
The White Sphalerite Dragon is Masculine and wider.
The Black Dragon is very feminine and finer carved. WAS NOT INTENDED! But the universe knew exactly why... so they stay together as a symbol for Dualität☯️
No single sale because the two are inseparable.

White Dragon:
Size: 11,5cm
weight: 406g

Black Dragon:
Size: 11,5cm
weight: 371g

They come from Indonesia and are handmade there in a small manufactory under the best energetic conditions.

I am Sphalerite… and this is my message…
"As a protector and guardian against negative energies, black magic and bad influence, I am a true shield.
I not only repel them, but transform them into light, so that they can not harm anyone... that makes me something special. I also bring lightness and peace into your life, when I am near you.
I have only the best in mind and am not manipulable for dark purposes.
Polished as a dragon, I even fulfill this task as a symbol of protection.
As a sphere I support in all directions and as a tower I help you to set clear and wise intentions, which are in the highest good of all.
I am a true master in this when it comes to your manifestation.
Together with me you will achieve your wishes and goals as if in a flash.
Yet I do not let everything happen... remember what I said... for the highest good of all! And so be it!!!
I am truly a blessing for your life, therefore connect very closely with me.
Most of all I love to be very close to you and am happy to accompany you wherever you are.
In the center of your home I shield it from everything negative.”

Mineral: Sphalerite, Quartz
Properties: THE PROTECTIVE STONE!, Purifying and helps manifestation.
Element: Air
Chakra: All
Supportive for the body: Has a balancing and harmonizing effect, Protects against serious illnesses and cleanses, Has a healing effect, it has countless healing properties and can support with almost everything.

Why a dragonhead:

When you get a dragonhead in your house, you can be sure that you have the most wonderful protector and guardian by your side.
All dragons have different missions.
If you are attracted to each other, he will bring you deep healing and be consistently by your side.
A Dragon is a very special friend because he will work tirelessly on your protection and well-being.
He also gives you deep insights and can be a key and guardian to the other world.
Since he is pure fire, he will support you in your courage and drive.
You will be connected to the world of nature beings and elements and can feel deeper into yourself through him.
When you get a dragon head for your home, he is definitely not just a pretty accessory.... he will stand by your side. In return, all he needs is your love and attention.

important Information

  • Before the stones go on the journey to your home, they are energetically cleansed and charged by me with incense and a huge clear quartz singing bowl.
  • Our beautiful crystals are ethically sourced and perfect for those who appreciate Mother Nature. Crystals are living beings and each has its task. When you feel called to bring him home, you will know.
  • The descriptions of the properties of our stones are empirical values and are based on personal experience. They can also been found in the usual reference books.
  • Our offers do not replace the doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner.
  • They can only contribute to and positively support recovery and well-being.
  • Please note this is a natural product, sometimes stones and crystals have small imperfections and blemishes.
  • Be sure to check measurements and view all photos before purchasing.
    If you have any questions, please send us a message before purchasing.
  • By purchasing from Witchy Rocks you agree to comply with and accept all of our shop policies.
  • Crystal will be shipped with protective padding.
  • Do not let your children near them.
  • It does not replace any doctor, psychotherapist or other specialist you may need.
  • It is your responsibility what you do.
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